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What makes

top tanz Dance Shoes


Style . Fit . Quality



Founded in 1981 by Sigrid Terbuyken, top tanz has become a leading European dance shoe brand.


As a former competitive dancer, Sigrid knows from first hand experience what to expect from the perfect dance shoe. 


Initially reselling another German dance shoe brand she soon found out that only way to make a BETTER dance shoe by implementing her customers' feedback and her own improvement ideas was to designing her own line of quality dance shoes.

From her husband, who managed a well known German shoe factory she learned the trade how to manufacture shoes.


With her passion for dancing, unwavering commitment to outstanding quality, experience in designing comfortable dance shoes with the perfect fit and an eye for great looking styles, Sigrid has been providing dancers around the world with some of the best dance shoes for more than 35 years.


Torsten Brieger competed in ballroom dancing as a teenager in Germany. After moving to the US, Torsten rediscovered his passion for dancing when he got involved in Rhode Island's active Salsa and Latin dance community.


On his search for a comfortable, high quality dance shoe he discovered his first pair of top tanz dance shoes in Germany. He fell in love with the fashionable design that was perfect for social dancing and an attractive alternative to the conventional competition dance shoes.

Through a lucky coincidence Torsten met Sigrid. An initial test marketing resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response to the great looking styles, most comfortable fit and unmatched quality of top tanz dance shoes. Torsten is now the exclusive importer of top top dance shoes for the Americas.


Sure, TopTanz makes great competition dance shoes too.


But we don't stop there!


Most dance shoe have a distinct style that is specifically intended to look great with your competition ballroom dancing dress.


If you have been looking for a dance shoe that looks great with your favorite outfit for your Saturday night ballroom social dancing,

your salsa and bachata, latin dancing nights, your local Argentine tango or West Coast Swing dance event or just want to have a great looking comfortable practice dance shoe, look no further!


With TopTanz fashion dance shoes you have the choice between many styles that don't look like your typical competition dance shoe. Even though TopTanz fashion dance shoes look like your favorite street shoe they are designed with all features of a great dance shoe:

  • Perfect comfortable fit and best support and full control

  • Suede leather soles for perfect dance floor contact

  • Light weight

  • Highly flexible


While the style may initially catch your attention, after hours of dancing   your feet make the final decision how good your shoes really are. Too any times we have seen ladies starting out the night dancing in these beautiful high heels, just to see them switch to some ugly but comfortable flats - with painful looks and blistered feet.


Wouldn't it be great to have a great looking and comfortable dance shoe?


Over 35 years TopTanz has continually refine the design of its shoe lasts. With a wide range of shapes - optimized for narrow, standard and wide feet and specifically adapted for each heel height - these tools are the secret of the perfect fit of TopTanz dance shoes that feel comfortable from the first time your foot slides into the shoes.


Well positioned straps in lady's shoes and the unique micro soft heel of most men's shoes that absorb shock add to the outstanding fit for endless hours of dance fun.


So it is no surprise that top tanz is the preferred dance shoe brand of many dance instructors.


Our vision is to provide some of the best dance shoes to passionate dancers.

In addition great looking styles and perfect fit, TopTanz promises highest quality.

There must be something in the German DNA. We just value good quality and will not compromise. Similar to high end German import cars, TopTanz dance shoes are designed in Germany.

Using only the finest materials, TopTanz dance shoes are hand made by traditional shoes manufacturers in Italy and Portugal.

Submitted to a strict final German quality control, top tanz are meeting highest quality expectations for a great dance shoe that will last you a long time - providing an exceptional value.


If you can no longer afford to buy cheap dance shoes:

top tanz dance shoes - the most comfortable dance shoe!

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